Personality testing is about getting the best people for the Job.

You may have excellent operational strategies in place in your business, but you need the right people to drive your business forward.

Businesses have 2 main components – products or services and its people. To achieve the best results for your business, you must address both of these components due to their complimentary and interrelated relationship.

Businesses manage personal risk, whether anticipated or not, which shows to legislators and stakeholders that they are selecting, developing and improving the quality of their staff. Staff can be trained to better understand their role and purpose in the workplace in order to perform at their peak and be able to meet or improve their targets. There is also a need to understand what personally motivates each unique individual, so that they are not only following a checklist (reacting to events as they happen), but they are proactive and understand the business culture and its approach.

Additional coaching and mentoring can highlight weaknesses which can be a long and arduous process, and quarterly performance reviews can be ineffective in highlighting potential personality clashes or disunity between staff members.

Personality testing is used as a complimentary and independent personality profiling tool in conjunction with the normal review / recruitment processes to get the best talent that is on offer.

Hogan personality testing predicts job performance behaviour of employees (candidates) to get the best outcomes for your business.

Candidates can be anyone from any industry and include individuals, professional / senior executive roles and teams.

Hogan personality testing uses a candidate’s quantitative results by comparing data in a number of ways. These include measuring and comparing the same candidate’s data over time, against Australian norms, occupational families (successful candidate norms in specific occupational families) or others in your industry. This allows practical outcomes to be implemented such as personalised goals or action plans for improvement to get the best performance and leadership careers from your employees.

Ultimately, when personality testing is integrated with our training packages that target aspects of the workplace environment, this combination of mixed programs is a powerful and holistic approach focussing on personality, interpersonal relationships, and the workplace environment that individuals are situated in, resulting in an all-rounded package, covering training, succession development and organisational fit.

How is Personality Testing used?

Hogan’s psychometric profiling is an independent, evaluative measurement tool for Human Resource Managers to be able to select staff, assess / review and develop candidates for higher leadership roles or highlight deficiencies / problem areas to focus on, generating coaching / action plans for staff to achieve goals (usually during their training programs which we offer).

Many different industries and occupational roles are making use of psychometric testing in order to avoid selecting the wrong person in a position of responsibility and causing extreme risk to their business reputation.

In the longer term, this service can also be used for any business that requires interpersonal relationships (teamwork) or self-management, to avoid personality clashes in the workplace or jeopardise the business’s safety based on the candidate’s underlying behaviour.

Uses can include:

  1. Predicting Job Performance behaviour (against norms)
  2. Success in specific Occupational Families (against norms)
  3. Selection, Development, Leadership
  4. Recruitment and Hiring
  5. On-boarding
  6. Identifying Potential Talent
  7. High-Potential programs
  8. Leadership Development and Succession planning
  9. Evaluating Career Derailers
  10. Individual and Organisational Culture/Value fit
  11. Safety-related Behaviour
  12. Teamwork review and 360 degree peer reviews, Management focus
  13. EQ (Emotional abilities) and IQ (Cognitive abilities) testing

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Predictive Psychometric Assessments

Express is a selection tool that identifies each candidate as a high, moderate, or low fit for a job. This report has the ability to select for any type of role, and is a simple off-the-shelf solution easy for anyone to use. Don’t see the job you need in one of our categories? Just ask. Hogan can map your organization’s competencies to our tools to generate your report. Express includes the candidate’s general employability, job fit, strengths and weaknesses, and interview style arming the recruiter or hiring manager with key information for a selection decision, or efficient data-driven interview.

The global leader in personality assessment.

Grounded in decades of scientific research, Hogan’s assessment solutions help you dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.

Leader Basis

Out-of-the-box solution that identifies a candidate’s strengths and potential areas of weakness for leadership roles.

$455.00 excl GST


Designed specifically to function as a pre-hire selection tool, Advantage accurately and efficiently predicts a candidate’s on-the-job performance.

$35.00 excl GST

Safe Systems

SafeSystem uses personality assessment to evaluate workers along six safety-related competencies. Using SafeSystem, you can identify safety-minded candidates, focus and improve training, and recognize and repair safety-related gaps in your organizational culture.

$80.00 excl GST


The Express Report identifies the candidate’s strengths, areas of concern, and interview style based on seven dimensions that influence occupational success within seven job categories: Managers & Executives, Professionals, Technicians & Specialists, Operations & Trades, Sales & Customer Support, Administrative & Clerical, and Service & Support.

$115.00 excl GST

Psychometric Assessment – Administrative & Clerical

Plan, direct, or coordinate supportive services.

$115.00 excl GST

Estimated delivery time: 1 day*

Psychometric Assessment – Technicians & Specialists

Employees who have highly specialized knowledge and are skilled in manipulation of technology, tools, and/or machinery.

$115.00 excl GST

Estimated delivery time: 1 day*

Psychometric Assessment – Sales & Customer Support

Have social interaction roles and are tasked with establishing long-lasting relationships with clients.

$115.00 excl GST

Estimated delivery time: 1 day*

Psychometric Assessment – Service & Support

Perform protective duties and services for others.

$115.00 excl GST

Estimated delivery time: 1 day*

Psychometric Assessment – Managers & Executives

In positions of administrative or managerial authority over talent, physical, or financial resources.

$115.00 excl GST

Estimated delivery time: 1 day*

Psychometric Assessment – Operations & Trade

Job knowledge and skills are gained primarily through on-the-job training and experience.

$115.00 excl GST

Estimated delivery time: 1 day*

Psychometric Assessment – Professionals

Experts with a broad educational background and rely primarily on their knowledge to perform job duties

$115.00 excl GST

Estimated delivery time: 1 day*